Turn your company training into online, micro-games and watch your staff get motivated and more productive

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3 Reason why you should gamify your training

  1. It gives staff confidence in their product and policy understanding
  2. You can identify strong achievers by tracking training competence levels
  3. Your staff become more motivated, committed and happier

Why is gamification effective?

  • It encourages ongoing participation
  • Long, complex trainings are cut into smaller manageable bites
  • Removes time away from business
  • Retention increases with ongoing play
  • Immediate feedback as games all have correct and incorrect answers
  • No distractions or down time
  • Spec sheets, policy docs and any relevant material is easily accessible in your content library

Competition + Rewards = Incentivised staff!

GameON is designed to create maximum participation with your staff. How? Not only are our games engaging, GameON has a built-in score-boards, badges and certificates that encourage friendly competition between employees. Get your employers to achieve their personal best by using GameON to achieve incentives on internal rewards.

Employees Feedback

of those surveyed stated that a point system would boost their engagement.

of those surveyed stated that they enjoy earning rewards for engaging in training.

Of participants said they would be more productive and motivated if their learning environment was more like a game.

stated that they would be motivated to learn if a score board was involved and they had the opportunity to compete with other colleagues.

A survey conducted by TalentLMS

Get started. Get your GameON

GameON offers a variety of options to customise the platform for companies of varying sizes and budgets. We can even white-label the platform in your corporate colours! We have some great specials running, book a demo now!

A multi-generational workforce needs an innovative approach

Never before has their been up to 3 generations working alongside each other in a business.

Technology has made everyone more productive, faster and busier than before. And while younger generations in the workforce prefer self-directed, on-demand learning for this reason; older generations are increasingly more comfortable using technology.

Training Is Essential

Training is critical to any company – no matter the size – because highly trained staff maximise business performance.

If you want your employee productivity, confidence and competence levels to increase, then you need GameON.

GameON provides training in a whole new way: we transform your training manuals and workshops into fun, micro-games that continuously motivate your staff to upskill.

GameON makes tech + training fun for everyone by offering the following

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GameON Training Impact

GameON’s training games improve productivity, engagement, a positive mindset and sense of achievement.

Anytime, Anywhere

Self-Training without Classroom

No Down Time

or Attending Of Class

5-10 Min To Play

On A Product Game

SETA Claimable


Increase skills

of employees


for self-training