The POPI Act came into effect 1st July 2021 and all businesses must be compliant

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Here at GameOn we have simplified it for our customers to understand what it means to them and their business.


  • Have you noticed an increase in websites asking you to consent to the use of cookies?
  • Have you received urgent emails from your teams asking you what the plan is on the protection of data and privacy?
  • Have you started wondering about the lead forms you use on your site and if the info taken from those forms are safe on your servers?
  • If you answered yes to any of the above, then you have started grappling with the POPI Act: South Africa’s new Protection of Personal Information Act.
  • We have taken these overwhelming processes broken it into bite-sized, fun and interactive games that are designed to increase knowledge and understanding of the Act.

We have created a special POPI game that covers

  • Why we need the POPI Act
  • What it is
  • What is covered under the act?
  • What is not covered
  • The 8 conditions of lawful processing
  • The 10 rights a person has over their personal data
  • How personal info must be processed
  • How long retention of data is permitted
  • What ‘reasonably practicable’ steps your company needs to take to protect itself.
  • Notices of breach
  • What a Regulator does
  • And 10 essential elements of a code of conduct
  • And dealing with complaints

We guarantee your team does not feel like sitting through hours of training on the POPI Act. But with the New Gamified training of the POPI Act, they are far more likely to remember and implement what they have learnt.